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Have you always wondered about yoga and wanted to join a yoga class but were too nervous to try?


Here can Peace Within Yoga Therapy can help you? …..

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At some point both my students and I have all been the new person in a yoga class. The very thought may feel daunting, but I promise to offer a very welcoming and enjoyable introduction to yoga. Yoga is my passion and I want my client's to develop the same love and admiration when they embark upon the yogic path.

Feel free to contact me for more information at admin@peacewithinyoga.co.uk or 07583709399. A chat before attending a session gives me the chance to understand a little about your reasons for wanting to embark upon a yoga journey too.

What to wear

If you’ve never done yoga before (and you’re aware of social media!) you may be forgiven for thinking yogis are all ‘super-thin fashionistas’. Most are not! Yoga is for everyone and it’s more important that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Wear layers on your top half so you can shed them if you build up too much heat , then put them on again in relaxation. Wear something that’s not too loose to prevent your top riding up. High-waisted leggings or trousers are a good idea too - this should stop any worries about adjusting your clothing throughout the session.


Men are more limited in their choice of yoga clothes but tracksuit bottoms, joggers or even Thai Fisherman’s pants are great.

Whatever you feel comfortable in.

Socks off or on?

Yoga is traditionally practised with bare feet, however this is not for everyone, you will always be given the option to leave your socks and indeed shoes on. 

You can also buy special grip yoga socks if you wish. All is welcome.

What to eat before yoga

It’s best not to have eaten a heavy filling meal before a session. On the other hand, it’s also not a good idea to practice on a completely empty stomach either. 

Perhaps eat a small snack beforehand - a banana, a few dates, a handful of nuts or a yoghurt, for example - so you don’t feel light-headed.



When attending the yoga therapy centre, I would request that you provide your own yoga mat for hygiene purposes. This will also become your own personal space to practice. A mat that is approximately 6mm thickness will be appropriate. Some mats can be expensive but don't necessarily have to be for your sessions. Feel free to ask for advice.


I have a limited supply of blocks and yoga straps, which you are more than welcome to use if and when necessary for the sessions.


I would also recommend bringing a blanket and cushion for the session.


After a period of time, you may wish to invest in your own equipment. Ask me for recommendations if you are unsure.


During yoga we learn to become present in our body, and this has the effect of making our subconscious mind begin to feel safe, so the body will begin to relax.


Physical tension will dissipate and we may also experience an emotional release as a result of that.

Most of us at some point have experienced strong emotion during yoga sessions - whether it’s tears, frustration, vulnerability, fear, sadness or joy - emotional release is totally normal. Our ‘lesson’ is not to judge it...just to let it be exactly as it is.

During a yoga therapy session, you will be supported by Sara-mae to help release in a comfortable and reassuring way.


Be Kind to Yourself

Remember that yoga is not a competitive sport so leave your self-criticism and comparisons behind.

Similarly, if you need to rest at any point during the class, do so! One of the most important tenets of yoga is ‘Ahimsa’ - which means ‘Non-violence’ or ‘non-harming’. When we act with ‘Ahimsa’ in mind, this means, among other things, not physically harming others or ourselves - so be kind to yourself.



The relaxation part of the class is where we fully absorb the benefits of the yoga therapy session. It can act as a ‘reset’ button, calming the central nervous system and bringing the breath back to normal. It allows ourselves to simply Be. 


Yoga takes you on a wonderful journey, for whatever reason you decide to come to a yoga therapy session, it is imperative that you enjoy the peaceful time that you have given yourself and embrace the beauty that yoga brings.

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