Peace For Schools, Colleges and Clubs

have a vision and a dream.... to teach yoga to all, from children to seniors and to every one in between.

By providing our younger generation with such fabulous skills for life, maybe, just maybe, when life becomes hard, our children will know that they can turn to their yoga mat and bring stillness, happiness, safety and nurturing back.


What I offer for schools, Colleges and Clubs in and around Staffordshire

  • Weekly yoga classes in your school with any year group, 1-5 classes in a day as part of the curriculum

  • Part of the PE curriculum

  • Part of PHSE curriculum

  • An elective in an enrichment programme

  • A lunch time or after-school club activity

  • Wellbeing Days/ Whole-School PSHE Days

  • After school club

  • Cubs, scouts, beavers, rainbows, brownies

 Yoga classes support spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development, as promoted by OFSTED.  Through various class themes and focus students are encouraged to explore and develop better body awareness, self-control, flexibility and co-ordination as was as gaining skills to manage emotions and feelings, to gain resilience, build relationships and face the obstacles that life throws at us all.


  • Develops strength, flexibility and stamina

  • Reduces tension, stress and anxiety

  • Raises self-esteem and promotes self-efficacy – Improves motivation

  • Develops clarity, focus and concentration

  • Creates awareness of emotional responses

  • Encourages self-management of behaviour

  • Promotes social, mental and emotional health



If every 8 year old in the world is taught to meditate, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation!

                - Dalai Lama

Children will learn valuable skills to carry through life, such as:

-  Breathing techniques that help to calm and focus 

- A range of Mindfulness Meditations
- Techniques to lessen worrying
- Journaling and expressing worries
- Preventative strategies to help prevent stress build up

- Yoga postures to calm the mind and body and alleviate built up tension within the body
- Being attuned to their own bodies and minds
- Understanding and recognising their own feelings
- Learning to live in the present moment

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Yoga and Mindfulness practices can increase multiple neurotransmitters and hormones such as GABA, serotonin, and dopamine—all natural anti-depressants. They have been shown to increase levels of melatonin, helping to initiate sleep, improving sleep quality and sleep regulation, as well as increasing levels of oxytocin, the “bonding hormone”, thus helping with feelings of connectedness and “being seen and heard”.


The programmes have been created to offer all children and teens who suffer from anxiety, a developmentally appropriate program that gives children the skills, practice and support to utilise coping strategies that lessen the symptoms of anxiety and stress.  This program helps children to build their emotional resilience so they are better equipped to deal with the day to day stresses that life brings them. The program also involves parental involvement and commitment to supporting the strategies at home.  ​​

In addition, I also offer a programme that has been devised with adoptive families in mind.  The programme  will be helpful for adoptive parents, and will help them maintain a routine with the child, practicing yoga together, parent and child, can help improve their attachment relationship especially for the adoptive parents.

See Yoga Therapy - Peace For Kids and Peace For Teens


Year 1, Tamworth, Staffordshire

"Classes are Very Informative! Each sessions creative and engaging for the children. Children report that they "Love Yoga" it makes them feel "calm and relaxed. During the school day following yoga sessions, children are noticeably more relaxed and listen intently in classes"

Year 4, Lichfield Staffordshire

"Very informative and creative use of yoga poses. The sessions have really helped to improve the children's ability to listen and follow instructions. The classes are cleverly structured to keep the children engaged. "

Year 5 & 6,  Lichfield, Staffordshire

"Very creative! Children loved the different themes and ways of learning about yoga. The sessions are fun and engaging. The staff noticed that the children really enjoyed the relaxation techniques and this has supported them in classes. It is an added advantage that Sara-mae is a Trauma-Informed Therapist"

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