Through yoga our turbulent minds can be brought to peace and extraordinary wisdom and well-being is our potential


Private Yoga Therapy 


Private sessions are a big part of what Sara-mae offers as it gives her a way to work individually with many people, including those that are tentative about trying yoga, beginners and some that are managing a medical or some other physical challenge and are looking for a highly customised sequence. 

Private Yoga therapy sessions aim to pin point the cause of discomfort and develop a tailor-made plan of practice to suit your specific needs. The sessions will help you to incorporate an array of yoga therapy techniques into your every day life.

 Is a private 1-2-1 OR 2-2-1 session for you?

Here are just some of the reasons why my clients chose 1-2-1 OR 2-2-1 yoga and yoga therapy:

  • need more of a meditative flow to calm your mind and unwind;

  • find ways to heal/control an underlying condition;

  • yoga therapy for healing physically or emotionally

  • no time in your schedule to make a group class

  • want some inspiration and ideas in how to create and sustain own home practice

  • too nervous to try out a group class

  • want some assistance and pointers in mastering certain techniques and postures

  • want to optimise your fitness and compliment your other pursuits, sports and activities

For full details upon how yoga therapy can help you or a loved one, plus prices, offers and availability


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What People Say

"After my first 1-2-1 session with Sara-mae, I kept thinking all day how much I enjoyed it and how good it made me feel. I feel like I'm definitely improving and really appreciate Sara-mae's positive encouragement. I'm not a sporty type so my default is that I think I must be hopeless with anything physical.


Yoga is probably the first sporty thing I've done that I actually enjoy, it feels really loving and kind to your body, whereas some sport can be quite aggressive and punishing. I felt so amazing after just the first session, like everything was unblocked. I actually can't remember the last time I felt that good. Pretty amazing! and definitely helped by Sara-mae's very excellent teaching and evident love and passion for yoga." 

(Yoga Sessions ) HH - Lichfield

"I felt as if I released something that I had no idea I was holding onto. My session with Sara-mae was wonderful, relaxing and healing."

JC - near Lichfield


"I have practiced yoga for many years and tried lots of different styles of yoga. I feel that Sara-mae offers a little bit extra to her private sessions and her classes. Her own style has evolved and she brings a greater understanding to yoga as a whole. Each week I learn something new."

E.P - Staffordshire

(Private Yoga and Group Classes)


"I didn't really yoga what to expect having never tried yoga before, but I can only describe my experience as wonderful, uplifting and completely relaxing.

Sara-mae's passion shines through and she takes care to keep you held in a safe and comforting place."

(Yoga Therapy Sessions), R.S, from Tamworth