Private one to one sessions are a big part of what Sara-mae offers as it gives her a way to work individually with many people who have experienced a traumatic event, including childhood trauma, relational trauma, attachment issues and behavioural trauma, grief and loss and so much more.

Trauma presents itself differently to each person that has been effected by a traumatic event or experience. We become traumatised when our ability to respond to a 'perceived' threat is overwhelmed in some way.

Trauma brings a loss of connection to all that we are, our bodies, our emotions, our families and everything around us.

Trauma-informed yoga therapy is based on a particular understanding of trauma, with an emphasis on its impact on the entire mind-body system, as opposed to particular mental states that are often viewed in isolation from the physical body. 

Sara-mae delivers trauma-informed yoga therapy with safety, protection and choice always in mind. Sara-mae offers a safe, compassionate and supportive environment for her clients to positively journey back to their self. This journey enables clients to re-connect to their self and tune in to their bodies. The trauma-informed yoga practices, help clients to develop a sense of control over their bodies and their actions and develop an awareness of their shifting emotional states.

Sara-mae has an array of experience of working with children, teens and adults in a trauma-informed manner and so these sessions are offered to all from the age of 7 years old. Up to date Enhanced DBS and safeguarding up to date.

No minimum level of fitness is required.


What People Say

"Since attending sessions with Sara-mae, I have a deeper awareness and understanding of my anxiety triggers and how I react in certain situations. I have developed an deeper awareness of my body and I am experiencing the rewarding benefits of yoga therapy"

Anon - Age 15, 


"After attending many different types of therapists, I feel that Sara-mae has helped me immensely. Through the yoga therapy practices, my perception has changed positively. I incorporate yoga into my everyday."

Anon - Age 16, Staffordshire

"I feel completely safe and supported by Sara-mae throughout every session. She gives me the space to express and release my emotions."

Anon - Age 57, Staffordshire


"I didn't really yoga what to expect having never tried yoga before, but I can only describe my experience as wonderful, uplifting and completely relaxing.

Sara-mae's passion shines through and she takes care to keep you held in a safe and comforting place."

(Yoga Therapy Sessions), R.S, from Tamworth