Yoga adds years to your life and life to your years


Yoga is not a religion

Yoga is not and never has been a religion. It is practiced by people of all religions and none, not necessarily as an expression of their religious way of life. 

Yoga is a science and a philosophy

Yoga is a collection of knowledge and practices which have been tried, tested and adapted over many years and on every continent. It is highly systematic. The number of scholarly scientific articles on the effects of yoga on mental and physical health has multiplied rapidly in recent years. Visit my Blog page for details of some of the research.

What is Yoga?

Yoga rebalances the mind, body and spirit

‘Yoga’ is most commonly associated with the physical practice of asana, which means ‘seat’ or ‘posture’. Contrary to popular belief yoga asana is not a fitness system or a series of gymnastic exercises, but part of a larger process of body, mind and spirit, rebalancing.


The practice of asana and pranayama (breath control) moves, stretches and manipulates the body, cleansing it of harmful toxins and eliminating 'dis' 'ease'.


 Gradually, over time, the challenging nature of the postures correctly realigns the body’s physiology, bringing agility, balance and greater vitality, returning the physical cells back to their natural state of wellbeing.


Each asana works on realigning specific areas of the body that are out of balance. As you practice them you will experience your senses being naturally drawn inwards to the specific areas of the body that feel stiff, tight or uncomfortable.


In time, and with enough practice, these areas of the body will open and strengthen, coming back into balance. But in order for this transformation to occur, without injury, or problem we must listen to our bodies and play the fine line between going deep enough into a posture for it to have a beneficial effect, and not going too far and causing injury.


This is why you are encouraged to practice each posture with mindfulness. Listening to you body is the key to knowing what you are capable of on any given day and in any one posture. 

"To learn how to achieve concentration, the body first must be purified, and then mental strength developed. The method for purifying and strengthening the body is called asana. When the body is purified, the breath also becomes purified, and the diseases of the body are eliminated." 
~ Sri K. Pattabhi Jois ~