How yoga balances the nervous system.....

Here is a diagram which I used within the Therapeutic Yoga Class in Lichfield Methodist Church. The diagram is a useful guide to how our whole body is affected by stress, anxiety and panic. Yoga practices balance the parasympathetic nervous system and help us to maintain the "rest and digest" , bringing our body, our mind and our breath back to it's normal harmonious state.

I believe that it is important that we understand what is happening to our bodies when we are in that heightened state of stress, anxiety, depression and panic, my Therapeutic Yoga Classes are very informative for this reason. it's a reassurance that there is a way out of this pattern, yoga shows the way...

Therapeutic Yoga - Every Monday (except Bank Holidays)

4pm -5.15pm

Lichfield Methodist Church

Backcester Lane, Lichfield

Beginners and all levels welcome