"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."

                                                                                                                         - Lao Tzu


As a yoga teacher we share a kindness and compassion to others that helps people really connect with you and what you are offering within your yoga class.

This often paves the way for students to open up to you. As teachers, part of our role is to support and hold others; however we can forget our need to be held too.

Supervision is therefore a very important aspect of a yoga teacher's own journey, whether you are a new teacher or an experienced teacher there are times we there is a need to feel reassured, confident and at ease.

Supervision offers us support in both our professional role and a personal level, given us space to fully embody of deliverance of yoga and our own personal practice.

Many professionals within the therapeutic industry are required to regularly commit to supervision, to ensure that they continue to offer services to client's from a professional and ethical view, but also as a commitment to themselves.

Supervision is regarded as a crucial space to safeguard and support both the well-being of clients and therapists.

Supervision offers yoga teachers the space and time to reflect upon feelings, thoughts, emotions, ethics and conduct from their teaching, whether the teaching is upon a 1-2-1 basis or a group setting and whether delivered face to face or an online platform.


The sessions help a teacher to develop both personally and professionally as well as having a space to privately and confidentially share.


The sessions offer a protected space to be held and supported. 


As a qualified and accredited yoga therapist and through her work within a clinical setting. Sara-mae offers the understanding of support from a therapists point of view with the added deep understanding of yoga.

In addition Sara-mae trains and supports yoga teachers 

Sara-mae's sessions offer a grounding, supporting and nurturing space to be heard,  understood and empowered.


Sessions with Sara-mae can be offered face to face (subject to Government guidelines) and/or on Zoom.


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